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PVC plastic reinforced pipe production line

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This Flexible PVC Spiral Hose Making Machine is designed to produce spiral reinforced PVC hose, which is widely used in industry, agriculture, architecture, irrigation area, etc.

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Product Introduction

The whole production line consists of two sets single screw extruders(65mm), mould(include strips extrusion mould, and pipe forming mould), cooling water tank, rotatory haul off machine and pipe holder.

The wall of this Pipe is soft PVC and rigid PVC helix as reinforced, featuring extrusion resistance, corrosion resistance, negative pressure resistance, anti-bending, good negotiability, so it is suitable to conveying gas, liquid and powder, widely used in industry agriculture, construction and irrigation, etc.

Spiral hoses include many kinds of type. This page we introduce you the hoses which can produce by similar methods . below is the machine list:


1. hard and soft PVC spiral hose machine

2. soft PVC with metal wire spiral hose machine

3. soft PVC with metal spring hose machine

4. medical use spiral PVC hose machine

5. plastic industrial use to transport material hose machine

6. water drainage PVC spiral hose machine

7. water supply PVC spiral hose machine

8. granules transport flexible hose machine

9. vacuum cleaner use hose machine

10. cable protection spiral hose machine

11. PU spiral hose machine

12. PU with wire making machine

………..other different kinds usage spiral, flexible and soft hose machine, we provide all kinds of hose making solutions.

Our soft and spiral , flexible machines are exporting to: Iran, Turkey, Poland , Brazil, Peru, Chile , Dubai , France, Romania , Syria , Egypt , Tunis.

We specialized in designing and making varies of all kinds of material( PP PE PVC , EVA ) soft, spiral , flexible, spring plastic hose machine, we focus on machine’s quality and also price reasonable . we send our technicians to buyer’s factory to install the machine. We provide full time after sell service.

For the controlling system , we adopt real (no copy) famous brand electric parts in the electric controlling system. We cooperate with Simense, ABB, RKC, Omron, Fuji, Delta , and other strong technology quality brand.

For the mechanical system, we process all the parts carefully, we make and install all parts in a high precision conditions . we don’t make low quality machine and low quality parts. We protect our factory reputation by our products .

Machine brief configure

items Description set Function set

1 Single screw extruder 1 Extrude initial shape of hose 1

2 Die head and mould 1 1*sets

3 Winding forming unit 1 Drive the forming moulds 1

4 Forming mould 1 Form the initial shape t be hose shape Depend on diameter of hose

5 Cooling system 1 Down temperature of the hose 1

6 Haul off system 1 Forward hose moving 1

7. Electric controlling

8 Other information please contact us , we will provide you full solution

For the hose structure

Our company machine can make varies of structure hoses. Hard plastic reinforcement , fiber reinforcement , metal wire reinforcement , profile spiral ….ect. the machine can adjust the spiral or winding edge and angle. Like the following hoses draft drawing and pictures.

PVC plastic reinforced pipe production line  (3)
PVC plastic reinforced pipe production line  (4)
PVC plastic reinforced pipe production line  (5)

Product Case

PVC plastic reinforced pipe production line  (10)
PVC plastic reinforced pipe production line  (9)
PVC plastic reinforced pipe production line  (1)

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