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PVC Hot-cutting Pelletizing Line

Short Description:

1. PVC Pelletizing Line is composed of twin screw extruder and corresponding auxiliary machinery.
2. The produced pellets are uniform and dense.
3. The auxiliary machinery adopt die surface pelletizing,wind conveying and cooling system with high automation,precise cutting,efficient output and other characteristics.
4. PVC compounders are widely used in Cable, Pipe Producing, Medical Hose, WPC Pelletiizng field,etc.

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The machine has same features. It can fine plasticizing, high productive efficiency, impact construction in the whole machine and high automatization, adopts conical twin screw installs on the extruder, and the PVC material mixture with other materical,such as: CaCO3, CPE, static, wax and so on. This machine with Twin screw extruder, pelletizing/ granulating mould, hot face cutting machine, hot wind convey system for discharge. This extruder can process both rigid and soft PVC.

1.Application of pvc pelletizing production line
With different designs of screw, this machine can be applied to granulate the recycled material of rigid PVC, soft PVC and waste PVC.
It can be stopless in the course of production.
It used pneumatic conversion and strong-wind blowing. At the same time can adjust stainless  steel
storage  container and can run at high speed for a long time while extrude stably.

2.Features of pvc pelletizing production line
1,advanced equipment, precise pelletizing and high producing capacity.
2, Conical double-screw extruder, very suitable to process PVC powder with high capacity
3, Pelletizing style: Hot-cutting on mould face, even cutting ensures good shape.
4,Auxiliary machine: Pellets cooling & classifying

3.Process flow of pvc pelletizing production line
Raw material+ additive → Mixing → Conveying feeding → hopper feeding → Conical twin screw extruder → Hot face cutting → Cyclone separator → Vibration sieve → Blowing system → Storage hopper → Finished product packing


No. Model Motor Power ( KW ) Production Capacity ( Kg/hr )
1. SJSZ-45/90 15 30-100
2. SJSZ-51/105 18.5 50-120
3. SJSZ-55/113 30 100-200
4. SJSZ-65/132 37 150-250
5. SJSZ-80/156 55 250-350
6. SJSZ-92/188 90 500-600

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