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PP PE Two-stage Granulating Line

Short Description:

Plastic granules making machine pelletizing line is used to recycle various kinds of plastic products and make into plastic granules to recover the plastic and suit for making products again.
PP PE Granulating Line adopts high-performance single screw extruder. The single screw extruder is suitable for: plastic raw material like PE, PP, ABS etc. Recycling for pp pe scraps and engineering plastic.
Non-stop screen changer can realize high production capacity.
And different materials will adopt different cutting ways: water-ring, stripping cutting, under-water cutting ect.

Product Detail

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Produce process

Force feeder---extruding-water cooling----air blower----cutter ---material receiver Function: for PE ,PP film ,bag crushed material recycling pelletizing The PE,PP crushed material must clean and dry before put it into the feeder .
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Motor Power

Production Capacity ( Kg/hr )

SJ65 x 2

SJ65/20 + SJ65/12

22 +11 KW


SJ90 x 2

SJ90/20 + SJ90/12

37 +18.5 KW


SJ120 x 2

SJ120/20 + SJ120/12

75 +37 KW


SJ150 x 2

SJ150/20 + SJ150/12

110 +55 KW



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