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PVC ceiling and wall panel production line

Short Description:

PVC ceiling wall panel production line is mainly used to produce PVC ceiling, PVC wall panel with width of 200mm,250mm,300mm,600mm with different section shape and height. The surface of PVC ceiling can be treated by double color printing and coated with glossy oil, or by heat transfer printing, or by lamination, which can make marble, wooden design on the surface of products.this plastic wall panels equipment include:extruder,mould,vaccum calibration table,haul off machine,cutter machine and stacker.PVC Ceiling panel material is based on polyvinyl chloride resin, adding a certain amount of anti-aging agents, modifiers and other additives, through mixing, calendering, vacuum blister and other processes.This kind of PVC ceiling panel condole top applies to the condole top adornment of kitchen, toilet especially, have quality light, prevent moisture, heat insulation heat preservation, not easy combustion, do not absorb dust, easy cleanness, can besmear act the role ofing, easy installation, price is low advantage

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Main Features:

(1)speed controlled by inverter, saving power and easy to adjust speed
(2)extruder temperature controlled by Omron intelligent controller, temperature fluctuation self adjusting
(3)low power consumption: lowest total production line consumption 25kw/hour
(4)economical price, suitable for large scale investment.
(5)with Infrared tracking device, benefit for product shape control, suitable benefit for seamless edge PVC ceiling panel


PVC powder+other addictive→mixing material by mixer→powder feeder→conical double-screw extruder→Die&mould→stainless steel vacuum calibration platform→ hauls-off machine→cutter→stacker


(1)Household ornament: Wall and ceiling of indent independent housebathroom or kitchen.
(2)Public and management place: Toilet of building and hall.
(3)Common office: Ceiling of business place.

Model YF120 YF180 YF240 YF300 YF600
Product Max size 120X50mm 180x50mm 240x100mm 300x120mm 550x120mm
Extruder SJSZ45/90 SJSZ51/105 SJSZ65/132 SJSZ65/132 SJSZ80/156
Capacity 120KG/hr 150kg/hr 300kg/hr 300kg/hr 400kg/hr
Production length 18m 20m 24m 24m 28m
PVC ceiling and wall panel production line (3)
PVC ceiling and wall panel production line (1)
PVC ceiling and wall panel production line (4)

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