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PVC Cable Trunking Extrusion Line

Short Description:

PVC cable trunking extrusion line is mainly used for making PVC Small profile  like PVC Skirting profile,wall corner profile,PVC cable trunking profile with different section shape and height. the surface of PVC profile/panel can be treated by printing & coated with glossy oil, or by heat transfer printing, or by lamination, which can make good decoration effect for kitchen,toilet,balcony and so on.

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Extrusion line flowing as below:

SJSZ Series Conical Twin Screw Extruder→Die mould→Vacuum Calibration Table→Haul-offs and Cutting Machine Unite→Stacker→Control cabinet (Note: Other Auxiliary Machine,such as crusher,mixer,will be provided according to client's requirements)

Features of PVC trunking:
PVC trunking has the characteristics of insulation, arc prevention, flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

The role of PVC trunking:
PVC trunking is mainly used for internal wiring of electrical equipment. In electrical equipment of 1200V and below, it plays a role of mechanical protection and electrical protection for the wires laid in it. After using PVC trunking, the wiring is convenient, the wiring is neat, the installation is reliable, and it is easy to find, repair and exchange lines.

There are many varieties and specifications of PVC trunking. In terms of models, there are:
PVC-20 series, PVC-25 series, PVC-25F series, PVC-30 series, PVC-40 series, PVC-40Q series, etc.

In terms of specifications, there are:
20mm*12mm, 25mm*12.5mm, 25mm*25mm, 30mm*15mm, 40mm*20mm, etc.

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