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SPC Floor Production Line

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SPC flooring is the new environmental-friendly resilient ground material,it is very popular in developed countries such as:America and Europe for its excellent performance.

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The spc lock floor is made of polyvinyl chloride (divided into pure new material, mixed material, recycled material), calcium powder (classified with stone powder grade) and solvent (the use of chemical grades also use plant solvent food grade).

Process 1: mixing
Automatic metering according to raw material ratio → hot mixing of high-speed mixer (temperature of hot mixing: 125 ℃, It is to
mix all kinds of materials evenly, remove the moisture in the materials) → enter the cold mixing (cool the materials, Prevent
caking and discoloration, cold mixing temperature: 55 ℃.) → mix evenly by cooling;

Process 2: extrusion
the twin-screw extruder for heating extrusion → enter the sheet die head for extrusion molding, forming the sheet. After four
roller calender, the base material is fixed thickness → color film → wear layer → cooling → cutting;

Process 3:UV tempering
Surface UV → tempering (tempering hot water temperature: 80 ~ 120 ℃; cold water temperature: 10 ℃)

Process 4: slitting and slotting packing
Cutting → slotting, trimming and chamfering → inspection → packaging

Machine List

Extrusion Part

No. Machine Name Quantity
1. Mixing Machine For PVC and Calcium powder 1set
2. Feeding Machine For Mixing Machine 1set
3. Automatic Feeding Machine For Extruder 1set
4. SJSZ 92/188 Conical Twin Screw Extruder 1set
5. T-shaped Mould and Die 1set
6. Four-roll Calender 1set
7. Cooling Frame 1set
8. Trimming Set 1set
9. Hauling Device 1set
10. Automatic Cutting Machine 1set
11. Stacking Section 1set


a.zero benzene and formaldehyde,no glue and poisonous substance,and it can be 100%recycled;
b.stable perforance: no cracking, no expansion, no deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, save the cost of later maintenance and repair
c.Water proof and moisture proof. it can be used in an environment where traditional wood products cannot be applied;

d.fire retardant: fire rating B1 level;

e.anti-insect,termite-proof,antibacterial new flooring;

f.good sound absorption effect:upto 20dB which is suitable for places such as: hospital,library;

g. easy installation: both interlocking click lock system or dry back are ok;

h.colorful wood grain decorative film to choose from and together with embossing pattern,the SPC flooring offers a wood look also wood touching feel.

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