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What Are The Key Features Of Quality Plastic Pipe Extrusion Lines?

Getting the correct work done requires using the correct machine. With the high demand for economically efficient pipes that meet diverse needs, the plastic pipe extrusion line is one of the machines that suit the demand of the current market.

There are many different extrusion lines that produce pipes of different chemical resistance, color, and maintenance. Choosing a plastic pipe extrusion line from a reliable and reputable manufacturer makes production effective and easy.

To choose the best product, it is important to understand the features of the machine. Moreover, you will be able to choose the best extrusion line that produces low-cost and quality pipes for construction, water supply, drainage, or other uses.

1. The Single Or Twin Screw Extruder

The drive system of the extrusion line consists of extruder, gear, motor, belt, and thrust bearing assembly. Produce a quality PVC pipe, requires a twin-screw extruder that mixes the PVC powder properly.

Basically, PVC powder has rough material that requires another screw to mix it without causing any damage to the extruder. If you want to produce PPR or HDPE pipes, you can go for a single screw extruder because the materials can mix properly once.

2. Quality Control System

The control system has electrical components that control the pipe extrusion line. A quality machine starts from quality components. With a quality control system, regulation of the machine during operation to produce the needed pipe is easy and achievable.

Choose a product that uses components from renowned and reputable manufacturers. This ensures productive and reliable operation with easy use and maintenance.

3. The Material Feeding System

The feeding system has a feed hopper and throat. The resins are feed into the extruder from here. A quality twin screw extruder line has a direct drive that feeds the material into the system instead of the regular ones.

The direct drive ensures that the feeding of the material meets the exact quantity at a constant pressure. As a result of this, the output product maintains excellent product strength, quality, and appearance.

4. The Die and Head Assembly

The die and head assembly a die and breaker plate. It is the head that defines the properties, shape, position, and structure of the material. It makes sure suitable the physical and chemical processes of the pipe as it passes through the channel.

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Post time: Jul-13-2022